Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pictures from 2012

Hi everyone,
My schedule was packed in 2012, with going to the beach during the summer, starting preschool,
 getting glasses, visits from grandparents and so much more. So, moving forward, I'm gonna try to post more pics. But here are a few highlights from 2012. Enjoy! - Rory.
Me and Grannie when she came for a visit!

January 2012, Christmas Decorations are still up at the Botanical Garden!

Sporting my long hair, Spring 2012
Headed to school for the first day! Sept. 2012

Getting ready for my first day of school! No tears!

In front of my new school with Daddy, fall 2012

FOUR years old!

Halloween! I dressed up as the Selfish Crocodile!

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