Monday, May 26, 2008

Zee gendah!

These ultrasound pictures were taken in late May, in the middle of the second trimester. This appointment was our long awaited "anatomy" appointment. Our ultrasound technician was a very short, Slavic sounding woman who never smiled. Which was fine, because we were doing enough smiling for all of us. The baby was moving A LOT while we were watching - kicking and moving its arms. The lady was doing her thing and making sure all the organs looked good, etc., so we watched quietly and let her do her job.
Finally she said, "Do you vant to know ze gendah?"
To which we chorussed, "Yes . . . "
A long pause. "Is a boy."
Then I said, before I could help myself, "Are you sure?"
She replied, "I vill take a picture." Which she did - it's the one with his little "twig and berries" in relative close up. I'll let you play "Where's Waldo" and figure that out for yourself.