Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Hey folks,
I know the holidays are over, but you can't expect a busy guy like me to be on time with my holiday greetings . . . right? See, I took a trip around the world over the holiday. The picture above is in front of the Ball Tree in Oklahoma. I'm holding a "Ball" (one of my favorite new words!). Oklahoma was fun, especially when it snowed! My dad earned some activity points shoveling snow while I watched from the front door.

And this my Auntie Joss and Uncle Greg and me, posing in front of the ball tree.

This lady (whom I recently called Ma-Me!!) loves me!

This is Auntie Bebe, then Grannie, then the Mom.
And Dandie, the dog, and me nearer to the floor. We are all dressed up in our Christmas finery.

Then back to Baltimore to spend some time with Grandma!

This is Hunter, my cousin. He taught me about trucks and guy stuff like that.

And these are all of the Younger Men!
Egg Nog Ice Cream!

Matching with Daddy!

This one was taken much earlier, back in NYC, when I was only 14 months, not 15 months, like now. We liked it so much we put it on our Christmas card.

Christmas delivery!

The holidays are stressful. It's natural to have a lover's quarrel.

As long as you make up in the New Year! Hubba Hubba!

Back in NYC, we partied hard for New Year's! This is me at a place called Chuck E. Cheese. Do you know they sell gold coins there? It's fun to drop them on the floor, then pick them up.

Of course, some people play games. I was just along for the ride.

This is Auntie Anna. She inspired the Chuck E. Cheese trip. And she wears red shoes, too.
I love her.

Now I've got to go - I have new toys to play with.
Peace out y'all,