Saturday, June 27, 2009

Time with Dad

Hey folks,
In honor of my Dad's first Father's Day, I thought I'd put up a bunch of pictures of the great week we had together. Being a Dad is underrated, and I'm here to tell you that this guy puts in a lot time with his favorite baby (me).These two pictures were taken on Father's Day, when I took him out to brunch before showering him with gifts. I'm generous like that. In the one below, I'm doing my imitation of Dad watching a game on TV....pretty good, no?!
And the pictures below were taken on "Show Day" - the last day of my "Bugs" class at the Little Gym. We got to invite people to come and watch us do the gymnastics we'd been learning for the past 5 months. Since Little Gym has been a Me & Dad thing every Monday, we invited the Mom, who took these pictures with her cell phone. Enjoy!

My floor exercise entitled, "THE BACKWARD CRAWL"

The Amazing Rory's Back Handspring

And he sticks the landing!

Dance on over Shawn Johnson

Check out that form and those bulging muscles

The orange balls are my favorites

Walking up to receive my medal....

Coach Amy gave a speech...she called me Happy Feet, and said she
enjoyed watching me learn to sit up so straight times.

I was overwhelmed with emotion as I looked at my medal.
I've been dreaming of this moment for over half of my life.

Dad drove me home. What a workout!


Sunday, June 21, 2009


I know this is a week late, but...oh well. Happy Father's Day. Dad's are really important and really cool. I love my Daddy very much. In fact, just last week the mom went to Philadelphia for a couple of days so my Dad and me got to spend some quality guy time together.
Happy late Father's Day to all you Dads out there, all my Uncles and practically Uncles, and of course my Grandpa and Pop Pop. And you Daddy. Here is a picture of us having some good times together.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Calling Dr. Love....

Hello fans,
It's been long time since my last post, but as you will see, a lot has been going on. I'm sure you want to hear the facts about the trip I took to the hospital. Celebrity gossip being what it is, I figured I better set the record straight.

Last Saturday I noticed a new beauty mark on my upper lip. Well folks, that beauty mark kept growing until it was not so beautifying. On Sunday, it was beginning to interfere with my handsomeness, and on Monday it was downright ugly. So naturally I went into hiding, only venturing out to the Doctor first thing Tuesday morning, who sent me straight to the hospital. Though I tried to stay out of the media, the paparazzi did capture this photo...As you can see, the swelling made my right cheek very hard and VERY painful. The Parents were especially concerned because the redness went up to my eye. I do have nice eyes, but I was mostly frustrated because I couldn't flash my winning smile at those foxy nurses.

But not for long! Once I was admitted, they tortured me by getting a lot of green, globby stuff out of my upper lip, then they stuck a needle in my hand to give me antibiotics. Modern medicine is amazing. Before the day was out I was able to smile again, especially when one of my groupie nurses led me to what they call the "playroom." There was a music area in back, so naturally I worked out a few of my jams.

The doctor did tests and stuff and said that I had a staph infection. But it was just a regular staph infection, and not a big scary one. Since I am responding so well to the antibiotics, after two nights in the hospital, they let me go home on Thursday afternoon. The Mom or Dad has to give me cherry tasting medicine four times a day for a week. And they are craziliy cleaning and disinfecting everything around the apartment. How did I get such an infection, you ask?
Who knows?!

But I am very thankful to all of you who prayed for me and were thinking about me. The parents were scared for a minute. Everyone kept reminding them that all the blood vessels in the face go into the brain, and that the infection could go there can imagine how that went down. So thanks for your concern. And thanks to the foxy ladies at Emergency Skills, who covered for the Mom on their busiest day of the year. I got to flirt with them last week. Don't worry ladies...I'll be back. Here are a few other foxes that I've been hanging around with...
This is Cynthia and Courtney, and they came to see me with one of my favorite ladies, Robin, last Saturday (that was when my beauty mark was still beautiful, as you can see). And congratulations to Courtney on her dance scholarship this summer! (Maybe you can be one of my dancers on my next tour?)
And this is The favorite lady (okay, she made me write that, but why not? She's been through a lot this week.) And the next two are pics of my cousin, Marin.
See the look I'm giving her? That's how I work my magic. Watch and learn, fellas....
(Marin says, "Is he always like this?)

And this is another picture of me with Belle, my love. Yeah baby!
You can see by the look on Belle's face the effect I have on the babes. They can't stay away...who can blame them?

Thanks again everyone.